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Loving the new TV series Supergirl. :)
Hope this show stays on TV a long, long time!
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Very, very excited to see the Supergirl TV series coming to TV!
Hope it's super! ;)
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Made my very first souffle!
And I did a super job. :D
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Got this autographed photo enlarged to an 8 x 10.

It was a belated birthday present. :D
And it's proudly displayed on my living room wall. :)
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One of my favourite scenes from Superman the Movie.

Wish I could fly. *sigh*

That would be super! *winks*
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Watched Man of Steel for the tenth time this month.
Really am looking forward to the sequel.
Had a dream last night that I could fly.
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Got this beautiful poster from Superman the Movie with Chris Reeve and Margot Kidder.
The dress Lois is wearing is pink in this one, but, I think it's absolutely beautiful. :)

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Was watching Superman 2.
The kissing scenes were very romantic.
Wish I was Superman's girlfriend.
That would be super!
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Tried to cook a souffle.
Sure wished I had Superman's heat vision!
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Wished that I had super powers.
This weather is really driving me crazy.
I'd use super hot breath to make the area where I live really really warm.
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Been a fan of Superman for nearly fifty years.
Superman the Movie is my favourite out of the entire films so far.


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